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Imagine taking difficult-to-treat patients and have them make rapid progress in cognitive rehabilitation At about 25% less than your current costs.


These results come from our patient-centered clinical and technological approach. The clinical approach is to treat the client in the home – the best place for them to receive therapy. The content of therapy sessions is the patient’s actual activities, so therapy is integrated into the patient’s real life. The technical approach uses customized cognitive prosthetic software as a therapy tool, coupled with videoconferencing for face to face sessions.


Most importantly, the patient sits at a desk, conversing with the therapist, while they organize and plan for the patient priority activity.  Most activities involve advance planning and organization, especially important for individuals with cognitive deficits. Patients continue working on their priority activities between therapy sessions, increasing the impact of therapy sessions, and using the technology. Most importantly, the modality’s structure helps make patients active and engaged in rehabilitation, because they see it is about them and they experience gains quickly and continuously.  It is the synergy among the technology, the therapist, the focus on patient’s priority activities, and patient engagement that produces the results.


We’ve treated scores of patients with our technology for more than 10,000 hours of reimbursement as conventional therapy.

The Institute’s therapy approach has substantial advantages for providers, patients, and payers is described in the book, "Patient-Centered Design of Cognitive Assistive Technology for Traumatic Brain Injury Telerehabilitation",  which includes many case studies. For the summary and chapter titles, click here or to purchase a copy of the book click here.



“Our Cognitive Prosthetic  Software Suite now runs on tablets.  Each application is highly customized to the individual, expanding  as s/he progresses and makes gains.”


Dr. Elliot Cole, the Institute’s president and founder,

A Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania’s

Organizational Dynamics program for 2012/2013 academic year.

For more Information contact:

Elliot Cole, PhD, Institute For Cognitive Prosthetics

P.O. Box 171, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004



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