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The Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics (ICP) is a leader in telerehabilitation. We are known internationally for our innovative brain injury telerehabilitation program. Our mission has been to use computer science methods to augment the treatment of cognitive disabilities that have been beyond the capabilities of conventional rehab.  We have succeeded in successfully treating individuals who have plateaued in conventional rehabilitation, and then thrive in our unique technology-based program. Our approach has allowed us to treat patients hundreds or thousands of miles away with the same ease as treating local telerehabilitation patients.


The Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit is our technology platform for delivering therapy services along the entire outpatient continuum to individuals at home. These are services customarily delivered by OTs, PTs, and SLPs and sometimes by psychologists or special educators.


In-clinic rehabilitation and telerehabilitation are different modalities of therapy, each with its own advantages and disadvantages for any given condition. Our telerehabilitation stands out because it can increase clinicians’ ability to successfully treat complex cases that are beyond the capability of conventional rehabilitation.  The toolkit achieves this increase in clinicians’ effectiveness by combining new technology with new therapy techniques.


Our approach to telerehabilitation is to deliver services to the patient in the patient’s own setting, whether home, school, workplace, or community. This locational flexibility gives therapists many advantages, among them the ability to see the patients function in their environments and use that information in fine-tuning therapy.  And our telerehab relies on special software addressing each condition, software that is personalized to the needs of each patient, in a matter of minutes.


Our technology is substantially different from that of others and is designed to enable therapists to treat more complicated cases and achieve results that go beyond what can be achieved in conventional rehab.  We achieve this distinction in part because our technology is designed to quickly personalize our patient software--in minutes. The strategy is to adapt the technology to the individual as s/he is now rather than train the individual to adapt to the requirements of the technology.  Another distinction of our approach is that it encourages the patient to be engaged in therapy and to be active in therapy.  As a result, patients typically find the therapy tool useful within minutes because the personalization makes the software intuitive to the individual,  Facilities using the Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit can expect to receive requests to treat complex cases from patients regionally and nationally, as well as inside the local catchment area. These facilities can also expect to receive requests from patients in unserved and underserved geographic areas.


And the cost of providing services with the Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit is lower than the cost of in-clinic rehab.


“Our Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit now runs on tablets. Each application is highly customized to the individual, expanding as he or she makes gains.”



For more Information contact:

Elliot Cole, PhD, Institute For Cognitive Prosthetics  |  610-715-0400

The Institute’s therapy approach has substantial advantages for providers, patients, and payers is described in the book, "Patient-Centered Design of Cognitive Assistive Technology for Traumatic Brain Injury Telerehabilitation",  which includes many case studies. For the summary and chapter titles, click here or to purchase a copy of the book click here.

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