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The Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics (ICP) has been a leader in telerehabilitation since 1992, when therapists discovered advantages of treating patients in their own homes.  The therapists were treating plateaued patients who they believed could make gains with highly personalized therapy tools.  And the patients made gains far beyond their hopes and expectations. This is how ICP’s fundamental approach to telerehabilitation began:


  • Treating the patient in the home, and other settings such as workplace and school
  • Enabling the therapist to gain new insights into patient abilities, limitations, and environmental opportunities when working with the patient in their setting,
  • Personalized rehabilitation by highly customizing the software to the needs, limitations, and abilities of the patient, quickly enough to meet the needs of daily therapy
  • Placing a computer in the patient’s home so that it could be used for therapy sessions, and independently by the patient between therapy sessions.
  • Better integrating patient priority activities with the context of therapy sessions
  • Developing new therapy techniques
  • On an on-going basis, taking advantage of flow of computing and communication technology advances that can advance therapy


ICP’s Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit is meant to be an additional and specialized program offering for rehab facilities.  It is meant for those patients where the therapist recognizes that more gains can be achieved with tools that go beyond conventional in-clinic therapy.  The combination of increased therapist insight by treating the patient in their settings, coupled with personalized therapy tools will typically provide the therapist and patient with what is needed to achieve that additional clinical progress.


These specialized programs develop a following that extends beyond the hospital’s current catchment area.


The Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit is our technology platform for delivering therapy services along the entire outpatient continuum to individuals at home. These are services customarily delivered by OTs, PTs, and SLPs and sometimes by nurses, psychologists and  special educators.


And the cost of providing services with the Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit is lower than the cost of conventional rehab.


“Our Telerehabilitation Therapy Toolkit now runs on tablets. Each application is highly customized to the individual, expanding as he or she makes gains.”



For more Information contact:

Elliot Cole, PhD, Institute For Cognitive Prosthetics  |  610-715-0400

The Institute’s therapy approach has substantial advantages for providers, patients, and payers is described in the book, "Patient-Centered Design of Cognitive Assistive Technology for Traumatic Brain Injury Telerehabilitation",  which includes many case studies. For the summary and chapter titles, click here or to purchase a copy of the book click here.

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